XEO Lifestyle, created in late 2013, has reached a prominent place in the world of Freestyle Ice Skating. Ice Freestylers from all around the world now share their passion for the sport in the largest community of its kind. XEO Lifestyle is the place where you can explore, discover and experience the lifestyle of Freestyle Ice Skating worldwide.

XEO Lifestyle’s missions are:

  • to promote Freestyle Ice Skating, and ice skating in general, to people everywhere.
  • to spread the passion, lifestyle and knowledge of our culture.
  • to help the community grow by using our global connections.
  • to create content for social media.
  • to share content on social media.
  • to create the means for sharing our passion
  • to help Ice Freestylers from various places connect with each other.
  • to discover unique ice skating places around the world.

As the community grows, so will XEO Lifestyle. All social media statistics of XEO Lifestyle see a constant increase in activity.
Recently, there is also increased interest from enterprises in the ice skating industry. A great future for our sport is ahead of us if we all work together!

Don’t skate to impress, skate to inspire.

– Orixis Jay

All the ponds, lakes, rivers and ice rinks visited so far!